Rating: 🍆🍆🍆.75/5


So, it’s no secret that I stan a kwane (these are some new terms I’ve recently learned from my millennial peers).

And Chloe is definitely a kwane/kween/queen. She’s a headstrong, hardworking gal and I love her take no prisoners attitude. BUT the central conflict of this novella caused by that attitude… well it was kind of hard to buy. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Gist:

BEAUTIFUL BITCH picks up right where Beautiful Bastard left off. It takes place about a year after Chloe and Bennett got together, but through a series of adorable flashbacks, we see exactly what transpired the minutes after Chloe’s killer presentation.

These were my favorite parts of the novella and honestly, I would have rather seen those scenes just included into the ending of the first book and leave it at that. I absolutely loved the scene where they are vulnerable with each other about what the time apart meant and how it affected them emotionally. It was a really well done scene. And Bennett? Just straight yum

In the parts that aren’t flashback, Bennett and Chloe are super-duper stressed little bundles of still insatiable sexual energy, but they don’t get to see each other all that often because of conflicting work schedules.

So, Bennett being the perfect alpha that he is, plans a grand romantic gesture for Chloe and tries to whisk her off the France.

And this is where the main conflict comes in

The more you know…

Basically, a thing occurs and they are separated geographically. And I found this kind of hard to buy. The novella also focused on their reconnection, but they seemed to do that apart, and I felt like that kind of detracted from their dynamic. We know they are these strong, independent people that can take the world by storm without the other, but they are their best selves together. So why didn’t we see them together???

Honestly, I’m probably just being a greedy little reading-hoe and wanting them together on every page but I’m not gonna apologize.

Did I love this novella? Yes. No doubt. Was I hoping for just a tiny bit more? Also, yes. Am I alone in this opinion? I’m not sure but please comment below and tell me why I’m right or wrong. Can’t wait to start Beautiful Stranger next!

Side note: In Bed with a Book has officially declared a gif war… It is on bitch.

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