Happy Pub Day to APPLIED ELECTROMAGNETISM! + Incredible Playlist

Displaying AE Playlist Art.jpg

I loved, loved, LOVED this book.

It chronicles Olivia and Alex, two electrical engineers that are forced on a cursed work business that features witty banter, forced proximity, slow burn tension, and, yes, only one bed at the inn *swoons*

At times, this book was so frustrating because the characters felt very real. Adam is soooo the overly analytical engineer that I know and love/hate. His vulnerability in the second half of the book is amazing and I loved the fact that, while they were both afraid of their feelings, Adam wouldn’t let either of them walk away without talking it all through. I also appreciated how open he was to listening to Olivia. Once she became comfortable pushing back, she engaged in his honesty policy and allowed for both of them to grow. The ending KILLED ME. I loved it. ⁣⁣

This book was also unapologetically feminist, touched on mental health beautifully, and was still able to create huge amounts of tension while toeing more on the sweet side than steamy. ⁣⁣

I will say that the characters have hella deep conversations about everything from the rationality of religion to the existence of fate, and if talking an idea out until you run out of things to say bothers you irl, you may not love the dialogue like I did. ⁣

Best of all, Susannah Nix created an AMAZING playlist for this book. Not gonna lie, it’s just bop after bop and fits the book perfectly!

Last but not least, I’ve teamed up with Susannah Nix to giveaway a signed copy of the book! Head over to my Instagram to enter now!

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