A Failed Buddy-Read and BEAUTIFUL BASTARD Review

Wow. Okay. This is a BOOK ya’ll. I haven’t stopped fanning myself for like 48 hours because this was one wild-ass-ride.

Rating: 🍆 🍆 🍆 🍆💦/5

Theme Song:

If you’ve read this book and think for one second this song wasn’t written about Chloe and Bennet we can’t be friends. Don’t @ me.

Bonus Theme Song for when things get *Tender*

Swoon city, amiright?

Before I can start fan-girling over this story, I need to address the 900 page book in the room.

My failed Buddy Read.

Now, many people define a buddy-read as a mutually picked book that you read. With your buddies. Together. You set some limits, you talk about the book. Together. It appears that my buddies do not subscribe to this definition 😂

I planned to read this with my two book besties, Brown_Girl_Reads and In Bed with a Book, and it was a hot mess. Just one big hot fucking mess. We kept pushing it off and pushing it off because work sucks and we all have so much shit going on, but we finally agreed to start it this past Monday and we were going to do a five chapter check-in and wait so we could stay together.

That idea lasted about 0 minutes.

Exhibit A:

Tuesday. This bitch finished it by Tuesday. Morning I might add. She literally finished it before I had even started (because Monday turned into a shit-show and I didn’t have time to read).

Then… Exhibit B:

She finished it. On Wednesday. At 2:18am. At this point I was about 20% in. The remainder of the book was me freaking out and messaging them about all the parts and I’m pretty sure they were just sending each other this look virtually:

Needless to say, all three of us loved it and none of us felt old enough to maturely discuss the content of this book. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Now time for the good stuff!

The Gist:

Beautiful Bastard is pretty much a romance genre classic. It makes the short-list on so many people’s recommended books. Chloe Mills is our heroine. She is working on her MBA and doing a year long internship as a project to present for her scholarship program. She’s a powerhouse business woman and great at what she does. She also drops hella money on her lingerie.

Side note: For those of you that have read this book, have you ever looked up what something from La Perla costs? It’s insane. I was horrified.

Me every time Bennett ripped a FIVE-HUNDRED-FUCKING-DOLLARS pair of panties (this happened so much he could probably pay off my insane student loans with the amount of panties he ripped in this book).

Chloe’s boss is the insanely gorgeous, ridiculously intimidating, borderline mean, Bennett Ryan. He’s a renowned marketing genius and expects everyone around him to meet his own personal standards of perfection and precision in every aspect of business and life.

These two are not friends. They aren’t even civil aquaintances. They are a powder keg of hard headness (other things are hard too if ya know what I mean 😏). They fight and spar and get under each other’s skin to an insane degree. *Oh the delicious tension.* Bennett thinks Chloe is a bitchy shrew. Chloe thinks Bennett is the world’s biggest prick. There are only two things they seem to agree on:

1.) They. Fucking. Hate. Each. Other.

2.) They. Can’t. Resist. Coming. Back. For. More.

I won’t get into the NSFW details of this one because my mom reads my blog (Hi, mom! Sorry for the boner joke earlier) but these two are wild. Borderline ridiculous. This book was great.

The novel centers around discovering the source of their insatiable connection and learning how to navigate it. I also appreciated the importance of Chloe’s career throughout the novel. I think Christina Lauren handled it so beautifully and I was really happy with the ending. I can’t wait to continue being ridiculously unproductive while I devour the rest of the (10!) books in this series… buddies be damned (JK LYLAS).

Have you read this series? Did you love it? Hate it? Have a favorite I should look forward to?? Let me know in the comments below!

Final thoughts: I want to be best friends with CLo so if anyone wants to introduce us, that would be great thnx. Also, just want to talk again about how perfect that Arctic Monkeys song is… can’t get over it.


Happy Pub Day to Well Suited by Staci Hart! This is the fourth, and final installment in her Red Lipstick Coalition series.

Rating: 🍆🍆🍆💧 (3.25/5)

Song to listen to while reading:

The Gist

Katherine is rigid. Like block of steel rigid. She only believes in facts and science and emotions can just go ahead and piss off because they are just chemical reactions of the brain.

Theo is a slightly more flexible, much taller, version of Katherine. He believes in order and logic and taking things in stride while also being devastatingly gorgeous and 6’7″ (which is almost like, too tall? Just me?)

They both really like how the other smells and they have a one-night stand and Katherine gets pregnant (“prophylactic malfunction” as she put it, lol). The two want to have the baby and work out how to be a team of parents that aren’t romantically involved. Well, this is a romance so that lasts all of two chapters before BOOM, it’s bang city. But they are keeping emotions out of it. While totally falling in love.

The drama is centered around Katherine’s disbelief in the concept of love, not trusting it and chalking it up to an unsustainable chemical reaction, while all Theo asks of her is to one day use the word. Because she soooooo lurrrrrvs him but just doesn’t know that what she is feeling is love.

The Good

This book was cute, it really was. Theo is a big stinking dream-boat and is really just so sweet and patient with everything going on around him. I loved how he instantly felt connected to Katherine and didn’t try to fight his feelings or convince himself otherwise. One of my favorite character traits in a romance is when there isn’t this resistance to feelings but just the kind of “okay, I feel this way, now what do I do?” instead of the “Nooooooo I don’t feel this way arrgghhhhh.” He’s also instantly supportive of the baby and doing whatever it takes to be a great dad. I’m a huge fan of men excited to be fathers. It’s awesome and we need more of it.

me @ Theo

As someone who hasn’t read the whole series, I can also appreciate the glimpses we get into the MCs of previous stories. I love positive representations of female friendships.

Overall, I thought it was a fun concept and a really unique look into modern types of relationships and parenting options.

The Bad

So… this is where the “honest review thing” gets tricky. This was an ARC (thank you, btw😬), but it felt really unedited. Like maybe I was the first person to read it besides the author unedited. And this really surprised me because I follow Staci Hart on IG and I saw her posting about writing and editing and getting edits back from a copyeditor. Maybe the ARC version isn’t the final version? Hopefully?

With that being said, I know editing is all part of the process and I’m so here for different drafts, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting and I found it pretty distracting from the story as a whole.

The dialogue was pretty stiff and formal, which was definitely a character choice for the rigidity of Katherine, but it felt stiff to the point of almost unbelievable. I guess it just didn’t have that snappy dialogue and laugh out loud moments that make me turn to rom-coms time and time again.

I’m still going to read the other books of the series (they are free on Kindle Unlimited!) and see how the writing compares and really try to give this series a fair shot. Because I want to love it. If nothing more than because the covers are FREAKING ADORABLE.

The Ugly

I’m just going to… leave this… here

Books, Baes, and HEA’s

Welcome to Romance In The Wild: Blog Edition! For those of you that aren’t following my bookstagram: Hi! Now buckle up because we are on a runaway train to crazy land.

I have decided to transform my bookstagram into a full-fledged blog (so tech savvy, I know). I will continue to post my honest (some times too honest) reviews on the books I read while also throwing in some extras here and there. If you haven’t, please check out my IG to get an idea of what’s to come. I won’t post any of my old reviews on here… clean slate and what not. 

I will also being posting about my writing journey. I am working on my first novel *cringes at putting that out into the universe but whatever* and will force myself to talk about that too, because I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

I read something recently that said being a writer is like willingly walking down a crowded street naked and encouraging people to look at you. ACCURATE. 

But, these pesky characters kept yelling at me to write their story, and here we are. More to come on all of this nonsense later! 

In the meantime, here’s my cat: