Why Am I so Mean to Myself?

Holy shit, I’ve been so damn depressed the past three weeks. My boyfriend and I started sheltering in place March 14th, and it’s been quite the emotional roller coaster. I’m so thankful for our shoebox sized apartment, I’m thankful for our sweet kittens, I’m thankful that I can talk to my mom everyday, I’m thankfulContinue reading “Why Am I so Mean to Myself?”

Depression on Main

Ah depression, you sly little minx, creeping up on me when we finally had a break in the grey tundra of seasonal depression. I’ve decided that instead of curling up in bed, I’m going to put it all out there and be vulnerable about how I’m feeling. Because that’s how destigmatization happens, we open upContinue reading “Depression on Main”

Wellness Check: I’m actually okay!

I’m gonna be honest, for a minute there, it felt like I was never going to be okay. I wrote about my struggles with medications and mental health in this post, and it was a real shit show for awhile there. Like I mentioned previously, I’ve been on some form of anti-anxiety medicines since theContinue reading “Wellness Check: I’m actually okay!”